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Part Time Islamic School

Our Program

Al-Hidaya Learning Programs has been serving the community by providing educational classes for youth for 30+ years. Al-Hidaya Learning Programs consist mainly of Qur’an Reading & Islamic Studies. Students learn how to read the book of Allah, memorize, and learn some of the stories from the Qur’an. Islamic studies is divided into areas such as: Fiqh, Aqeedah, Seerah, and Adaab.

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Mission / Vision

The Mission

Al-Hidaya Learning Programs focus on upholding prophetic characteristics that will drive our children to be tomorrow’s leaders. In order to instill the main characteristic- trustworthiness, we establish a team of educators, administrators, and parents. We work together to develop a strong foundation which involves dedication and endurance.



2024-2025 Academic Year

Registration for the 2024-2025 Academic Year has closed.


Program Details

What ages do we offer sessions for?

  • Ages 5 - 10: Quran and Islamic Studies Sessions

  • Ages 11 - 13: Quran and Junior Youth Group (JYG) Sessions

  • Ages 14 - 18: Quran Session Only (Part-time Hifdh) - Students must be able to read from the Quran independently. Our youth are also encouraged to register in Al-Hidaya Youth Group Program, please email:

What is the structure of the program and how much does it cost?

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  • The program consists of two Quran classes on weekday evenings 5:30-7:45pm (all ages) and one Islamic Studies or JYG class on Sundays (Ages 5 to 13). A detailed class schedule will be provided to you and your child in July.

  • There is a possibility of Quran classes being offered on Saturdays this year, but in a limited capacity. However, opting for this class means graduation will take twice the usual time, as it only meets once a week.

  • Please be aware that once placements are finalized, switching between days is not permitted.

What are the important dates of the program?
The program will commence in September 2024 and conclude in June 2025.
*** Please note that these dates are tentative***

  • Parent Orientation: Sun 09/08/24 (10am-12pm)

  • First Day of Class: Sun 09/15/24 

  • Winter Break and Winter Camp: 12/23/24 - 1/1/25 

  • Ramadan and Eid-al-Fitr Break: 3/22/25 - 4/6/25

  • Eid-al-Adha Break: 6/6/25 - 6/10/25

  • Last day of classes: 6/26/25

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