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The Mission

The Al-Hidaya Seminary was founded on the premise that accessible Islamic learning is a crucial means by which Muslim identity can be protected in the west. This Seminary program seeks to offer students a diverse curriculum that engages their hearts and their intellect by following the traditional methods of teaching and learning. Long term, our goal is to establish an institution of higher Islamic learning which can become a hallmark of Muslim identity in the west.



Introductory Diploma

Students interested in receiving a certificate of completion in the introductory sciences must complete 16 of the following courses:

  • 10 Core Courses (Shown Below)

  • 2 Elective Courses

  • 4 Seminars

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Fiqh I - Next semester TBD

Fiqh II - Next semester TBD

Fiqh III - Next semester TBD

Aqeeda I - Next semester TBD

Aqeeda II - Next semester TBD

Aqeeda III - Next semester TBD

Tazkiyah - Taught next in Fall 2022

Tajweed I - Taught next in Fall 2022

Seerah I - Next semester TBD

Seerah II - Next semester TBD

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Intermediate Diploma

We are preparing a comprehensive Intermediate Diploma track, stay tuned for updates InshaAllah. 

Currently Aqeeda IV which is part of the Fall 2022 Semester and Tajweed II which will be part of Spring 2023 Semester will be required courses in the Intermediate Diploma track.

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Semester Information

During an academic year the Al Hidaya Seminary holds two semesters, one during the fall and one during the spring. Within each semester we offer a selection of extended 15 weeks courses, these courses meet weekly and contain graded home works, exams as well as other assignments. Students have the option to either take courses as part of the requirements of completing a diploma or complete them in a non degree format. Courses may or may not have a pre-requisite requirement that may need to be completed in order to take the course.


The next upcoming semester will be the Fall of 2022. It will begin in September and conclude in December. Registration for the term will begin in late August. 


Current Semester

Fall 2022

Registration for the Fall 2022 has begun. Please see the details regarding it below, the deadline to register will be Friday Sept 16th, 2022. 


Start: Sept 23rd 2022

End: Dec 23, 2022

Courses & Description

Aqeeda IV - Intermediate Level

Time: Friday's 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM

In this course, students will learn the essential beliefs of Ahlussunnah regarding Allah and his attributes, the divine decree Allah’s Messengers, Scriptures, and Angels, as well as life after death. We will also explore some of the major differences between the various Islamic sects. As well as misconceptions and doubts that arise in a modern-day context.

Teacher: Shaykh Yacine Boudjema

Tazkiyah I - Introductory Level

Time: Saturday's 1:30 PM to 3:00 PM

This course will introduce the students to the wonders of the spiritual heart and provide an overview of the major diseases that plague the heart, as well as their significance, causes, symptoms, and cures.

Teacher: Shaykh Djafer Sebkhaoui

Tajweed I - Introductory Level

Time: Saturday's 3:30 PM to 5:00 PM

In this course students will learn the rules of Quran recitation such as: Makharij and Sifat, Mudood, Waqf and Ibtida.

Teacher: Shaykh Houssem Marzouk


1 Fifteen Week Course


2 Fifteen Week Courses


3 Fifteen Week Courses


Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance is offered on a case by case basis. Please contact for financial assistance inquiries.

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Seminars are intended to be brief intensive courses that typically run over the course of a weekend that have no pre requisites. These courses do not have any assignments and are graded according to attendance on a pass fail basis. 

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Our summer retreats offer an opportunity to escape the pace of everyday life and to go on a spiritual retreat with well regarded scholars in natural settings. 


Meet the Team

Resident Scholars

Teacher: Imam Djafer Sebkhaoui 

Teacher: Imam Yacine Boudjema

Teacher: Imam Houssem Marzouk

Visiting Scholars

Shaykh Yasir Fahmy

Shaykh Osamah Salhia

Shaykh Hassan Lachheb

Dr. Haifaa Younis

Ustadha Zaynab Ansari

Dr. Main Al-Qudah Ph.D

Administrative Staff

Director: Imam Yacine Boudjema


Shiekh Yacine Boudjemaa is an Imam, educator and an educational program head at Masjid Al-Hidaya in Latham, N.Y. He has obtained many degrees including his bachelor's in Islamic Law, and Quranic Science. He holds certifications in the 10 different styles of recitation, science of Hadith, analysis of the Quran, Islamic law, and Arabic language. Prior to arriving to this community, he has also participated in many international Islamic knowledge and Quran competitions.

Coordinator: Hosam Hamed

Assistant: Tasnim Ahmed

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Connect with Us

Please email for any questions, comments or concerns. 

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