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Meet Our Imams


Imam Djafer Sebkhaoui

Senior Imam

Imam Djafer Sebkhaoui is the senior imam of Masjid Al-Hidaya in Latham, New York. He came to the capital district through his pursuit of graduate studies at RPI. Participating in the MSA at RPI he went on to co-found the Muslim Community of Troy (MCT) which established the first Masjid Al-Hidaya in Troy and later built the mosque in Latham. He obtained his Islamic knowledge in Algeria by attending circles of knowledge.  


Imam Yacine Boudjema

Resident Scholar

Shiekh Yacine Boudjemaa is an Imam, educator and an educational program head at Masjid Al-Hidaya in Latham, N.Y. He has obtained many degrees including his bachelor's in Islamic Law, and Quranic Science. He holds certifications in the 10 different styles of recitation, science of Hadith, analysis of the Quran, Islamic law, and Arabic language. Prior to arriving to this community, he has also participated in many international Islamic knowledge and Quran competitions. 


Imam Houssem Marzouk

Quran Specialist

Sheikh Houssem Marzouk from Tunisia is currently an Imam and the director of the Quran Programs at Masjid Al-Hidaya in Latham, N.Y. He has a Masters degree in Quranic Sciences, a Bachelors degree in Hydraulic Engineering, and an Ijazah in the 10 different styles of recitation. Sheikh Houssem is currently preparing his Ph.D. in the Quranic Sciences and has participated and judged at many Quran competitions around the world.

Get To Know Our Trustees
Image by Meriç Dağlı

Get To Know Our Trustees

Chairman: Khalid Bhatti                 

Who Are The Board Members?

Member: Zahid Nazir       

Say Salaam To The Administrative Staff

Member: Mustafa Thaleb     

Member: Ahmed Yusuf                 


Member: Karim Abdulmatin

Image by Afdhal N.

Who Are The Board Members?

LumixSync_copy_2022-07-09 14_06_15 +0000JpegFile.heic

President: Ahsan Memon           


Vice President: Taiymoor Naqi                           


Treasurer: Naushad Ahmed


Secretary: Zahid Ayar 


Member: Abdul Bari Pirzada                  


Member: Azmat Ahmed


Member: Chafiq Nabaoui

P1022166 4 Edited.jpg

Say Salaam To The Administrative Staff


Administrative Assistant: Farzana Akhter


Technology Manager/Seminary Coordinator: Hosam Hamed


Full Time Hifth Coordinator: Hasena Naemi 


Youth Director: Ridhwan Sebkhaoui

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