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Among the core purposes for the creation of Al-Hidaya Center is to provide Islamic Education. This reflects in the multitude of educational programs which are offered for a diverse set of age groups. Year by year we are experiencing growth in our educational services and currently, we are serving over 1000 students of all ages. We are expecting this number to increase significantly, particularly as our full-time school nears completion.

Adult Seminary

Adult Islamic

knowledge program.

Maqraa Quran Program

Adult Quran Program for various

skill levels.

Part-Time School

Islamic Studies and Quran school for kids and teenagers.

Youth Group

Youth enrichment program

for teenagers. Separate Programs for Boys & Girls.

Full Time Hifdh
Youth Seminary

Full Time Quran Memorization Program for both Boys & Girls.

Coming Soon

Al-Hidaya Full Time School

Full time academic school starting with Pre-K 3 and up.


Learn about the history and purpose of Al-Hidaya Center by watching this documentary.

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