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A teacher wearing a headscarf helping four preschool boys making paper cylinders
A preschool girl with a pink bow coloring with a blue crayon

We understand that selecting a school for your child is a momentous decision, and we want to underscore the unique advantages that come with choosing our institution.

Here are the defining features that set us apart:

Rooted Curriculum

Our educational approach is firmly grounded in an Islamic worldview, integrating several robust, Islam-centric educational frameworks.

Character Development

In the words of Prophet Mohammad, PBUH, the believers with the most complete faith are those with the most excellent character. Accordingly, our program places a strong emphasis on instilling adab and akhlaq.

Holistic Approach

Our belief is that education transcends mere academics. Our curriculum is designed to nurture every facet of a child's development, encompassing emotional, social, intellectual, physical, and spiritual growth.

The Role of the Teacher as Murrabi

We regard the role of the teacher as a noble and sacred duty. Consequently, we employ only qualified Muslim teachers who exhibit high motivation, creativity, passion, and the special ability to nurture souls as a Murrabi.

Innovative Teaching Techniques

Our educators are trained in the principles of Islamic Pedagogy, ensuring that both content and teaching methodologies align with an Islamic worldview. We employ innovative, customized techniques catering to each student's individual learning style, thus providing personalized attention and facilitating learning at their own pace.

Ready to Apply?




If your aspirations for your child's education resonate with our school's vision, we invite you to complete the interest form.



After submitting your child's application, we will reach out to schedule an interview and an informational session. We will give you a decision on that day.



For our accepted students, we will have an open house before the school starts inshaAllah. Information will be emailed to the parents.

Contact Us


Al-Hidaya Preschool

293 Troy-Schenectady Rd

Latham, NY 12100


Current Hours

Mon - Fri

9:30 am – 12:30 pm

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