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Assalamuailiakum, In this coming May/June the Al-Hidaya Seminary is taking an important and educational trip to Spain as part of a continuation of our course titled “Andalusia: Its Rise and Fall”. We wanted to take a survey, particularly gauging the availability of college students and young professionals to see which time is best for them. We hope that many attendees from this demographic will be present on this trip. Please fill out the survey below to let us know which time range is best for this trip. Furthermore, we are taking steps to ensure that such a trip is attainable for young adults that may have more limited means. Our target price range for such a trip is $1800 to $2200 per traveler. Specifically for college students, they will have a $100-$200 discount off of the package cost charged to non-college students.

The primary objectives of the course and the subsequent trip are to:

- Have a greater appreciation for the Muslim History.

- Cultivating confidence in one's own beliefs.

- Looking at the mistakes of the past in order to aim for a brighter future.

Fill out the survey at:

See the sample itinerary & program here:

Furthermore please note that registering in the Andalusia: Its Rise and Fall Seminary course will give you and your immediate family members priority in attending this trip. To register for this course please visit

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